Lent 2021

There were many witnesses to the events which took place on that hill     outside Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago.  An angry crowd gathered to be certain that their verdict of “guilty” be carried out in the sentence of death by crucifixion.

A small group of the condemned man’s followers milled about the crowd;  still in shock over the injustice being meted out, many of them kept their    identity secret to protect themselves from a similar fate.

And some had to be there—those responsible for tending to the necessary tasks which went along with an execution.

But there were other “witnesses” as well, ones we don’t usually think about, although they were even closer to the events than the crowd.  In fact, they actually participated in those events in unique ways.  They are the…

If only these things could speak! What might they tell us about the events from their viewpoint?

Throughout this Lenten Season we will have the unusual, imaginative, and challenging, opportunity to hear these normally “silent witnesses.”

Join us for worship each week beginning Sunday, Feb. 21.

Building the Old Rugged Cross

At the beginning of Lent, each household will receive a freestanding cross hand-crafted by Carter Mattox from reclaimed materials.  Each Sunday, a new item will be available for you to add to your cross that corresponds to that day’s theme.

2/21 First Sunday in Lent

Silent Witness: The Thorn

Text: Matthew 27:27-31

2/28 Second Sunday in Lent

Silent Witness: The Robe

Text: Luke 23:1-12

3/7   Third Sunday in Lent

Silent Witness: The Nail

Text: John 19:17-22

3/14 Fourth Sunday in Lent

Silent Witness: The Spear

Text: John 19:31-37

3/21 Fifth Sunday in Lent

Silent Witness: The Shroud

Text: John 19:38-42

3/28 Palm/Passion Sunday

Message: Not Far from the Madding Crowd

Texts: Mark 1:1-11 & Philippians 2:5-11

4/4   Easter Sunday

Silent Witness: The Stone

Text: Matthew 27:62-28:10