General Conference 2024

General Conference is coming to Charlotte, North Carolina April 23-May 3. The Virginia Conference has produced videos regarding upcoming legislation before the General Conference along with additional information about its proceedings. Follow this link for more information

In the weeks leading up to General Conference, you are encouraged to spend time in prayer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Here is a Guide to Prayer from The Upper Room for your convenience:

The Valley Ridge District invites you to pray for the upcoming General Conference. Each day from April 1-May 5 we offer the name of a person or persons (beginning with each VAUMC delegate) as well as a theme or idea to help focus your prayers. We encourage your church to use these prayer prompts and enter into a time of prayer before and during General Conference. The Virginia Conference will be offering bios and details about each VAUMC delegate to guide your prayers throughout the month (Delegate bios available soon here). We also encourage you to pray for all 862 delegates each day of General Conference. Here is a PDF of the Valley Ridge District Prayer Plan for General Conference 2024. A JPG of this document can also be found below.