Worship Opportunities & Church Events

Season of Lent 2023

From the dove released from the ark by Noah to Isaiah’s soaring eagle, from the ravens who brought food to the hungry Elijah to Jesus’ image of a mother hen sheltering her chicks under her wing, and from God’s provision of quail to a wandering people to the rooster’s haunting cry to a wavering disciple, we will explore the role of biblical birds as they offer significant spiritual insights to our understanding of Christian faith.

2/22        Ash Wednesday The Dove: Purity & Contamination [Genesis 1:1-5, 20-23]

2/26        1st Sunday in Lent The Sparrow: Familiarity & Contempt [Matthew 10:26-31]

3/5*        2nd Sunday in Lent The Quail: Desire & Slavery [Exodus 16:1-13a]

3/12 3rd Sunday in Lent The Vulture & The Eagle: Ugliness & Beauty [Isaiah 40:28-31]

3/19 4th Sunday in Lent The Raven: Failure & Trust [1 Kings 17:1-6]

3/26 5th Sunday in Lent The Ostrich: Comedy & Tragedy [Job 39:13-18]

4/2* Palm Sunday The Hen: Freedom & Domestication [Luke 13:31-35]

4/5* Holy Thursday The Rooster: Bravado & Betrayal [Luke 22:31-34, 54-62]

* Holy Communion will be shared

Newport Community Easter Sunrise Service & Breakfast

Join us at The Village Green Sunday, April 9 at 6:30 a.m. as we greet the sunrise with the glorious announcement; “He is not here for he has been raised as he said.”  The Rev. Roger Henderson, pastor of First Christian Church-Newport, will be sharing the message.  Our time of worship will be followed by an Easter Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall.  Contact Cheryl Miller at cherylmiller26@gmail.com or (703) 304-6038 to see how you can help with the breakfast.

We so often hear about the seven last words of Christ from the cross.  But rarely do we focus in the same way on what Christ said after his Resurrection as he surprised, consoled, rebuked, and inspired his followers.  These words—or better, conversations—provide insight into the heart and mind of Jesus as he prepared and deployed them for ministry in the world.  Join us for The Seven Next Words of Christ each Sunday during the Season of Easter as we walk through these seven powerful encounters and consider their implications for our lives.

Date    Worship                                  Message                                             Text                            

4/9      Easter Sunday                         Whom Are You Looking For?              John 20:1-18

4/16    2nd Sunday of Easter               Do Not Be Afraid                                 Matthew 28:1-10

4/23    3rd Sunday of Easter               Peace Be with You                              John 20:19-31

4/30    4th Sunday of Easter               What Are You Talking About?             Luke 24:13-35

5/7      5th Sunday of Easter               Come and Have Breakfast!                 John 21:1-14

5/14    6th Sunday of Easter               Do You Love Me?                                John 21:15-25

5/21    Ascension Sunday                  Stay!                                                    Luke 24:44-53

5/28    Community Pentecost Celebration with First Christian Church-Newport!

A Christian faith that is deeply enchanted by Christ’s beauty and thus formed and fashioned by this beauty has the opportunity to present to a jaded and skeptical world an aspect of the gospel that has been too rare for too long.  Where truth and goodness fail to win an audience, beauty may once again captivate and draw those it enchants into the kingdom of saving grace.  Join us this summer for our series Beyond Reason: Rediscovering the Beauty of Christian Faith.

Date    Worship                                  Message                                             Text                            

6/4      Trinity Sunday                        The Cathedral of the Food Court        Revelation 5:11-14

6/11    2nd Sunday after Pentecost    A Cruciform Aesthetic                         Isaiah 53:1-9

6/18    3rd Sunday after Pentecost     Lost in Wonder, Love, & Praise           1 Peter 1:3-9

6/25    4th Sunday after Pentecost     The Axis of Love                                  John 18:33-38

7/2      5th Sunday after Pentecost     A Better Country                                 Hebrews 11:8-16

7/9      6th Sunday after Pentecost     Practicing Resurrection                      Romans 6:1-14

7/16    7th Sunday after Pentecost     Holy Astonishment                             Philippians 2:1-13

7/23    8th Sunday after Pentecost     Shelter from the Storm                       Matthew 5:1-12