Easter 2021

One of the central messages of the Christians faith that is most often overlooked is that Christ is present in and through all things, which means that everything is sacred and every moment is holy.  From Easter to Pentecost, we will explore the good news that Christ is risen—not just physically from the grave some two thousand years ago but in every aspect of our lives and world—and how to live in awe of the mundane moments of our ordinary lives.  This worship series begins with focusing on the resurrection of Jesus, a single person, and leads us to Pentecost, where we understand the way in which the entire faith community and indeed the world is resurrected in the Spirit of Christ.

April 11-Second Sunday of Easter

Even for the earliest Christians, believing that Christ rose from the grave required a great deal of faith.  Seeing Jesus’s scars, Thomas gets the rational proof he desires, but the real question is, once he sees this proof, does it transform his commitment to follow the way of Jesus? Our message, Seeing Isn’t Believing, will come from John 20:19:31. Our worship celebration will also include the sharing of Holy Communion.

April 18-Third Sunday of Easter

As they encountered the risen Christ, Luke 24:41 describes several unnamed disciples as “disbelieving and still wondering.”  Instead of being frustrated or seeking to prove to them who he is or what happened, Jesus asks to eat with them.  The prerequisite for Jesus’ fellowship then, wasn’t belief, or agreement, or devotion but rather a willingness to share a meal around a table, a symbolic gesture of hospitality and acceptance. Our message, Got Fish?, will come from Luke 24:36-48.

April 25-Fourth Sunday of Easter

Theresa of Avila once declared: “Christ has no body on earth but ours.” When one examines the teachings of Jesus and the early teachings of the apostles, we learn that Christian faith is about doing far more than believing. Our message, Beyond Belief, will come from 1 John 3:16-24.

May 2-Fifth Sunday of Easter

An undeniable aspect of what it means to live in a post-resurrection world is that we are invited to an intimate spiritual relationship with Christ.  Jesus promises that those who root themselves deeply in “the vine” of the Spirit will “bear much fruit,” meaning that they will be personally nourished and able to be effective incarnations of Christ in the world. Our message, Connected!, will come from John 15:1-8. Our worship will also include the celebration of Holy Communion.

May 9-Sixth Sunday of Easter

Jesus says that true friendship is a willingness to serve and sacrifice—even one’s own self-interest and life—for the good of another.  Therefore, to live as incarnations of the resurrected Christ is to be willing to see all interactions with others through the lens of this sacrificial love. Our message, True Friendship, will come from John 15:9-17.

May 16-Seventh Sunday of Easter

In his “high priestly prayer” found in John 17, Jesus calls us to embrace our present moment and reality, while also straining to a more just and generous one.  Living in a post-resurrection world demands us to live into this tension. Our message, The Beat of a Different Drum, will come from John 17:6-19.

May 23-Pentecost Sunday

On the Day of Pentecost, a diverse, new community was born in which we become a new temple through which the glory of God is made manifest on earth as in heaven. Our message, The New Temple, will come from Acts 2:1-21.