Faces by the Wayside: A Midweek Worship Series for Lent & Holy Week

“If I could only have been there…”  Did you ever wish you could have been among those who actually encountered Jesus in person; mingled with those throngs beside the lake; feasted among the five thousand in a Galilean meadow; crowded along the village street as the carpenter from Nazareth passed by?

The Gospels remind us that as Jesus walked the road toward Jerusalem, crowds gathered along the way.  Those crowds consisted of individuals, each one of them seeking, in his or her own way, to form a relationship with Jesus.  Some of them—most unnamed—have been immortalized by the gospel writers; yet, unique as each one was, they shared with the rest of those clamoring crowds the same basic human impulses and inhibitions, dreams and terrors that we know today.

Each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., beginning March 6th (Ash Wednesday), we will meet one of these individuals and hear about what they might have felt and thought in their transformational encounter with Jesus in our 2019 Midweek Lenten Series, Faces by the Wayside. Beginning March 13, a Soup Supper will be available in the Fellowship Hall each Wednesday evening at 6:00 prior to our weekly worship encounter.

March 6 (Ash Wednesday)

Face:     The Wealthy Young Man                               Text:      Matthew 19:16-30

March 13

Face:     The Paralytic                                                      Text:      Mark 2:1-12

March 20

Face:     The Woman with a Hemorrhage                Text:      Luke 8:43-48

March 27

Face:     The Boy who Shared                                       Text:      John 6:1-14

April 3

Face:     The Faithful Father                                          Text:      Mark 9:14-27

April 10

Face:     Lazarus                                                                 Text:      John 11:1-53