New Year, Same Promises: A Worship Series for the Season of Epiphany

“New Year, new you” is the message we get from pop culture year after year.  We vow to make changes to our diet, exercise habits, or lifestyle, but in spite of those resolutions, most things remain the same.  This may be cause for disappointment and disillusion, but there is some consistency we can celebrate.  God’s promises to us do not change with the calendar or the latest trends.  Rather than focusing our energy and attention on making promises to ourselves, let’s spend the first part of the new year appreciating God’s unbreakable promises.

February 23-Transfiguration Sunday

Text:                Matthew 17:1-9

Message:         The Promise of Vision

God’s glory and magnificence and power and majesty are unsurpassable, we say; but we must also declare that God’s glory and magnificence and power and majesty are surpassed by God’s willingness to shed them all in order that we might finally recognize God’s compassion—causing us, then, to act in love, justice and kindness.