Walkers in Newport

Sponsored by the Newport Ruritan Club, Walkers in Newport is a local walking effort where any individual can walk anywhere at any time.  Individual miles are reported weekly and the aggregate miles are used to simulate travels to other communities named “Newport” domestic and abroad.  Counting the U.S., we have virtually “visited” 11 different countries, and over 100 different Newports.  There are around 35–45 contributors who post miles each week.  In 2017, WIN walkers traveled over 29,000 miles for a total of  107,376  miles since the program’s inception in January of 2014.  So far in 2018, WIN participants have recorded 20,115 miles.  Contact Doug Martin at pmartin@pemtel.net or (540) 626-3572 to become a WIN Walker or to find out more.