Faces at the Cross: A Midweek Worship Series for Lent

The Season of Lent is like a mirror, inviting us to consider a very stark reality about ourselves—that we’re a mixture of dark and light.  The darkness—what some psychologists call the “shadow side”—is often unknown to us, remaining just beneath our awareness.  We often think it’s better left there, anyway.  We’re scared of those dark shadows, and yet, if we are willing to look honestly at the places of brokenness within us, we will discover a Savior who is eagerly waiting to bring light, healing, and hope.

Join us Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. during Lent as we view the Passion of Jesus through the Faces at the Cross.  What would it have been like to be there, in Jerusalem, that fateful week?  Through this worship series, we will consider what emotions, confusions, rationalizations, and insights of those who stood among the crowd on the hill called Golgotha, discovering that own hopes, dreams, and fears, mirror theirs.

2/14   Ash Wednesday

Face at the Cross:        Judas

Text:                            Luke 22:1-6

As one of the twelve disciples, Judas kept the common purse from which the group might use to help others.  Ever more consumed by the gaping maw of greed and the false hopes of being in on the ground floor of a movement that might overthrow the oppressive Roman yoke, Judas quickly finds himself drowning in self-rationalizations and, finally, into the abyss of guilt.  Join us at 7:00 p.m. February 14 for our Ash Wednesday worship experience as we begin the Lenten Journey with a closer look at Judas (Luke 22:1-6).  Our service will also include the traditional imposition of the ashes.

2/21   Week 2

Face at the Cross:        Barabbas

Text:                            Luke 23:13-25

The Gospel of Luke describes him as an “insurrectionist and a murderer” (23:13-25).  Barabbas was a death row inmate with no appeals, awaiting his turn to mount his own cross.  In a flurry of confusion and chaos, Barabbas suddenly finds himself a free man, another being hoisted on the cross in his place.  Join us as we hear Barabbas ironically wrestling with the heavy burden of his newly won freedom.

2/28   Week 3

Face at the Cross:        Pontius Pilate

Text:                            Matthew 27:15-26

It can be reasonably argued that by choosing to not decide, one is still making a choice.  Fence-sitting, in and of itself, is a choice.  Join us as we reflect on Pontius Pilate’s decision to shirk his responsibilities and allow an innocent man to be put to death on a Roman instrument of justice.

3/7     Week 4

Face at the Cross:        Caiaphas

Text:                            Matthew 26:57-68

The role Caiaphas plays in the Passion story reminds us how easily human beings are seduced by power and prestige, even in the name of religion.

3/14   Week 5

Face at the Cross:        Dismas-The Penitent Thief

Text:                            Luke 23:39-43

Only found in the Gospel of Luke (23:39-43), this touching story reminds us that, when confronted with our own vulnerability and mortality, forgiveness and reconciliation are only a prayer away.

3/21   Week 6

Face at the Cross:        The Centurion

Text:                            Mark 15:33-39

One of the vibrant themes of Mark’s gospel is that the “insiders” never seem to figure things out, and the “outsiders” do.  Join us as we encounter the Centurion, the ultimate outsider as a representative of the ruling empire, give witness to Jesus’ identity.