Daily Devotions for the Season of Advent

Reclaim the spiritual dimensions of the Advent season this year with Written in the Stars, a timely devotional booklet from the Society of St. Andrew, as relevant as today’s news.  Used each year as a spiritual underpinning for Advent by hundreds of congregations of all denominations across the United States, these daily meditations, all new for 2019, are the words of people of faith, both pastors and lay persons, from all walks of life.

The Advent devotions program offers an opportunity for participants to give in support of Society of St. Andrew’s feeding ministries, reflecting Jesus’ own concern for the least, the last, and the lost.  Each day’s devotional offers depth and meaning in our fast-paced world.  The Society of St. Andrew is a national nonprofit hunger-relief ministry that rescues 25-30 million pounds of fresh, nutritious, excess produce each year that would otherwise go to waste for various marketing reasons.  This food is then distributed to critical feeding agencies across the country at no cost to the agencies or the hungry people they serve.  More information about the Society of St. Andrew and its hunger-relief programs—Gleaning Network, Potato & Produce Project, and Harvest of Hope is available online at EndHunger.org.